November 14, 2007

November 15 First ever blog!

Ok so I have no clue how this is going to work or who is going to be bothered reading it. It will probably be just one more time wasting exercise that I do daily to avoid doing housework. I guess that main reason I am going to start this is so that I can put my scrapbooking on display all in one place. I have also just received my first stampin up order and I just know I will be making lots of cards now too. Hope all my friends and family don't get sick of handmade cards and gifts. LOL

Anyway I am off to New Zealand on Saturday morning I am just going for 3 nights to Rotorua. We are flying in and out of Auckland. So when I get back I will figure out how to put my famil shots up on this blog for everyone to see. I am going to the Polynesian Spa and also to see the Kiwi encounter which is where they do all the research into the Kiwi Birds and they breed them there too.