April 30, 2009

A Baby's Gift - Time Capsule

The back or Front depending on your favourite part I guess!!

The Lid :)

My sister asked me to make a gift for a Baby Naming Ceremony she is going to. So I decided to make this time capsule. These papers used are from Sassafrass Lass - these papers are new at my LSS. I just loved the brightness and abstract design. I have used a port tin which I saved. If you want me to make one for you just let me know! They are such fun to make. I made a mini stats book for inside the tin. With room for the parents to record details from Tylers Birth, Milestones - to record the first date of baby's first smile, First steps, crawling, Favourite foods, Favourite toys etc There is also a spot for a photo! In the tin I hope that the parents can keep items from when Tyler was a baby such as first shoes, baby singlet, Hospital braclet etc. Thanks for looking.

April 3, 2009

Mothers Day Cards

Well I was busy last night and then again this morning finishing off some more cards. We were supposed to go to Soccer but it has been raining since Thursday so if was called off. :( But yeah for me as a wet weather day means I might get some more time to make cards.

This first one is for a friend at work who is leaving. I have to say Thank you to Tiff for posting the Utube link to show me how they make those Lollypop Flowers! I have been eyeing them off for ages. I always forget U tube for these things.

For the cards that I have not put any writing on the front like the "I love you Mum" card. I have purposely left them this way so that I can personalise them for you. If you order early enough! This way if when Mothers Day is over - Hopefully I won't be stuck with lots of Mothers day only cards. These designs would be suitable for Birthdays, thank you's or any special occassion. Don't forget if you leave a comment and place an order I will give you a small RAK/gift to say Thank you. For more ideas see some of my other cards below and in previous months. :)
Thanks for dropping by.

April 2, 2009

Some of my latest Cards

This was for a friend's Wedding Congratulations/Good Luck card.
It looks much nicer irl (in real life).

I have been making lots of cards lately so I thought it was time I put some more up for everyone to get some ideas. I am also going to be making lots of cards in April suitable for Mothers Day. So if you are interested and don't want to miss out then please place an order so I have an idea of how many cards I should make. I think what I will do is make blank cards with the option to have them personalised before you buy them. Cards will start from $5 and prices will vary depending on your special requests. If you are taking a minute to stop by please leave a comment it is nice to know who has visited. :) If you leave a comment and place a Mothers Day order I will give you something small as a thank you gift. Thank you looking!