November 10, 2009

Christmas is just around the corner

Did you know that Christmas is only just around the corner! It is only 44 sleeps, 6 weekends.... 3 more pay days!!! (well 3 more for me anyway!!)

So I thought since Christmas is just around the corner that I would show off some of the Christmas Cards I have made so far for 2009.

With Christmas so close I have start to make Christmas cards early this year. I will be taking them into work soon for those interested to purchase some. These days I mostly make cards but I also can make personalized gifts for friends and family. So if you want to give a handmade gift for a special person in your life like you mum, sister, nana, grandma etc then my Crafty Christmas ideas might interest you!!!

Christmas Gift Ideas:
Christmas Cards & Christmas Tags
Gift voucher holders
Candy Cane Place cards
Handmade Christmas Decorations

Photo Gifts: Send your overseas family a picture of you from 2009 perhaps in a Christmas photo card, Fridge Magnet, a Picture Frame or Desk Clock (ask me for some samples picture if interested in these specail keepsake gifts.

Please let me know if you would like to purchase any of my cards or handmade gifts. I have only made about 20 cards so far.. I really need to get cracking. If you are interested in some cards even if it might just be 1 then let me know so I can get an idea of how many late nights I am going to need between now and the 17 December when we are going on holidays!

They will be $ 5 each or for 4 or more $4.50 each*
(*Special one off orders are extra - please enquire)

Thank you for your continued support of my expensive hobby.

Luv Vanessa

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